Upper Polmear, Par


Creating a development that would benefit two aspects of the local community is not an easy feat. The proposed development was a break away from the government policy allowing fifty percent affordable and fifty percent full market value homes to be constructed outside of the permitted development zone.

The design was led by one goal – to give local first time home buyers the chance to buy housing in the local area where high property prices and low wages force them to look further a field.

The development will consist of 16 plots – 8 Affordable and 8 Full Market homes. The project was overseen by a planning consultancy whose vast knowledge of the local area allowed me to gain a greater knowledge in aspects associated with larger scale developments.

After seeking Pre-Application advice from the Local Authorities and working closely with them and the planning consultants the design began to take shape with practicality, functionality and style playing key roles in these Eco-Style homes.

Due to the position of the site and the nature of the location sea views were achievable. With the overlooking of neighbouring properties and the site being just below the skyline the ridge height of the proposed properties would needing to be kept to a minimum to reduce the risk of being ‘skylined’ when viewing the site from a distance.

The properties benefit from air source heat pumps, underfloor heating and a vast amount of insulation making the homes more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient to the user and the environment than your typical home. The properties are ‘upside down’ style homes with the bathrooms and bedrooms spread over both floors with the living and kitchens area solely on the first floor. The properties are constructed using both traditional and modern processes. The properties offer views of the local area along with amazing vast sea views making these properties very sort after.

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